Benefits of Dual Sim Phones

You Can Use 1 SIM or 2 SIMs:

THERE IS NO NEED TO HAVE TWO SIM CARDS TO USE THESE PHONES IF YOU DONT WANT TO: YOU CAN USE WITH ONE SIM CARD, TWO SIM CARDS USING ONE CARD AT A TIME OR TWO SIM CARDS BOTH SIMS RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME. Support for two SIMs means that you don’t have to pay out for two mobile phones in order to have two numbers. Or if you want to use the phone single SIM then you can in the knowledge that you can if you wish at a later date add another SIM.

Peace of Mind:

When buying from you get a 1 year warranty, after sales support and we also stock and sell accessories for most of the mobile phones for sale on our website.

Less Hassle: 

Dual SIM mobile phones offer a simple solution to avoid carrying two mobile phones around with you, they offer a vast amount of features not usually found on standard phones and are unlocked to all networks other than 3 Mobile.


You can separate your business calls from your personal calls. Also handy for if you have to give your number out to businesses that you fear may bombard you with junk calls then you can always give them the second SIM card number, then you know that the first SIM (assuming it is your personal SIM) will only be receiving personal calls.

Network Coverage:

If you live in an area where there is poor signal for your preferred network provider you can have a second back up SIM with that of another network provider that has a stronger signal in your area.

Any Network Combination:

The phones can use SIM cards from any combination of networks (maximum two at a time) except as mentioned for 3 Mobile SIM cards which do not work in the phone, you can receive incoming calls from 3 mobile callers.

Dual SIM Dual Standby:

All of our Dual SIM Phones are dual SIM dual standby, meaning that both SIM cards are active at the same time, it is very easy to text, call and receive calls from either SIM card. You can also choose to switch either of the SIM cards off.

Cut Costs:

You can also save money, i.e. if you have relatives or friends on a particular network/tariff (that has free or reduced rate calls) that you want to call a lot of the time, then you can get a SIM card with the same network provider to use to call them. Also two SIM cards in one phone means that you don’t have to pay out for two mobile phones in order to have two numbers.

Great If Working Overseas:

Dual SIM mobile phones allow business travellers to insert a SIM from a foreign phone network. This means that they can use their dual SIM mobile to make local calls for cheaper rates. Meanwhile, they are still reachable all the time by friends and family on their home SIM.

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